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Landscaping Testimonials

Snohomish County Home & Landscape Service LLC has earned quite the reputation as a reliable landscaping company. Take a look at what past clients have had to say about our landscapers and their craftsmanship.

Irene Billa, Snohomish, WA

I hired Chris from Snohomish County Home and Landscape Service, LLC, INC in 2017 to help my daughter, who lives in Everett, get her lawn looking better. I had hired Tru Green for a year to green it uI p but my daughter is a teacher and works many hours so she needed someone to mow and trim as well.

Chris started on the project and suggested to us that when Tru Green’s contract ran out he could do the care and maintenance they had provided.

We did just that and the lawn looks better than ever. Even though the lawn was our focus, Chris has done a great job of keeping the plants the proper size and trimming around the edges of stones and lawn areas to keep the yard looking great.

I also hired Chris to work on our yard in Snohomish a few times but we are really out of the distance scope for him, although he graciously handled the work for us a few times as a favor. He did a great job here as well.

One problem I have had with Landscape maintenance in the past is them not showing up. Chris communicates well and has always shown up when scheduled and performed as agreed upon. He is good at sending an e-mail if our invoice has gotten overlooked or any other issues have arisen.

We value Chris’ recommendations and advice when it pertains to any of our landscape needs. Our thanks go out to Chris and the others at Snohomish County Home and Landscape Service for their superb performance and reliable service.

Nancy Huus

We've had Chris and his team do our landscaping for 6 years now and couldn't be happier with their work. They are always reliable, punctual, and ethical. We always recommend Snohomish County Landscape to our friends.

Cheri Groves

We have worked with these guys for over two years now. They are very professional, kind, and good at their job. Chris makes it really easy if you want to change and add additional services and making our yard beautiful. His crew is always courteous and respectful of our home and property. We have been very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them.

Darcy Gabehart

Snohomish County Home and Landscape Services does it all. I would highly recommend them. I have hired Chris and his crew several times in the past 5 years and they have always done a superb job. When I first contacted Chris, I lived on acres and needed the “jungle” behind my fence to be trimmed back a few feet and my trees trimmed in the front. He and his crew did the whole grueling job in a day at a reasonable price. Since I have moved to the city I use Chris’ landscaping services on a bi-weekly basis to mow, weed and trim my yard. They do a fantastic job!!

Katrina Clevish

Chris and his crew did an amazing job went above and beyond expectations. Very honest and hard working will use this company again and recommend him to anyone that needles work done.

Joe Imholt

Chris Mirante and his team at Snohomish County Home and Landscape Service LLC is a highly professional company to work with. I have been serviced by them for lawn maintenance for 3 years now and have been extremely satisfied with the work that they have done in mowing and trimming my lawn. They are attentive to detail and always clean up after mowing and trimming the lawn.

I especially appreciate the customer relationship that Chris and his team take to understand the customers need by being willing to switch form weekly to biweekly mowing based on the growth pattern of the growing season and lawn. Their rate is excellent for the excellent job they do.

I would highly recommend Snohomish County Home and Landscape Service LLC to anyone who needs thejir Landscape needs done to a highly profession standard.

Joseph F. Imholt
Satisfied Customer of Snohomish County Home and Landscape Service LLC

Christopher Neubert

This landscaper provides excellent services at reasonable prices, and also stands behind his work.

Bill Nokes

Moss invaded my lawn and turned it into a carpet of moss. Chris and team dethatched the moss, aerated and seeded the lawn. Moss was stubborn to eradicate so Chris and team had to come back twice to finally remove the remaining moss and restore the lawn. Will use them again in the spring.

Anita Peterson

Chris and his team are the best and I highly recommend them! I have been doing business with Chris and his team for several years now. They have done work on my rental property and also on my current residents for several years. Chris is very detail oriented and makes everything look it's best, it is so refreshing to see the results when he is finished. He is loyal and honest and will fix a mistake if there is even a mistake made. An example of how Chris is: I had a lot going on as usual and I let my lawn go and it had high grass etc.. I called Chris to make an appointment for him to come out within the next week because I did not have time. I had left a message on his phone that I wanted to make an appointment for him to come out and take care of my lawn within the next week. I left this message as I was leaving work by the time I got home (same day) Chris had already been to my house and took care of my lawn (that same day), it looked awesome and I was so grateful! It was so refreshing to come home to a nice looking yard and reduced my stress level. Chris is very prompt and will take care of what ever needs to be done in the yard and he is very good at what he does. He and his team do a high quality fantastic job! I highly recommend him to anyone and he is reasonably priced and does a high quality job. I'm moving and I will definitely continue to do business with Chris and his team now and in the future. I am a very pleased long time customer. Thank you Chris and your team for all that you do, it is truly your talent and passion, it's obvious in the work that you do.

Wayne Pollard

Chris and his crew have taken care of my yard for over three years now. I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants a worry free maintenance program. He has planted trees, covered certain areas with bark, trimmed plants as well as mowing and edging the grass. Great guy and great work!!!

In addition, he checked my house water system for leaks following a cold spell while my wife and I were in Arizona two years ago.

Stephanie MacLean

Chris and his crew do a terrific job. We have 2+ acres in the country but I sill want clean detailed lines. This company does a very good job and has never missed a beat rain or shine. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Cherry Lewis

Chris and his crew are top notch. Rain or shine, they get in, get the job done.
Very friendly and professional at the same time.
Will never use anyone else.
Cherry Lewis

A Fentress Miller-Webb

Whether you are looking for landscape design for your property, alteration of an existing design, seasonal cleanup and dead-head or arborist cleanup and treatment of trees and shrubbery on your property, Chris Mirante and his crew can and will come up with the ideal treatment to make your home or your business's exterior glow with invitation and vitality!

I've done business with this firm for some years now and they never disappoint. After each visit my home's exterior looks better than the previous visit. I have some well established trees and plantings outside of a home built in 2007, and the reason they're healthy and look so good is this firm's hard work. They're fast, effiicient, polite, honest, and reasonable in price. Chris Mirante sets an honest estimate and works within it. His crew are self-starters, don't loaf around, and they're careful with your furniture and exterior details.

Try this company out. You're going to become a long-time satisfied client!


I want to recommend Chris Mirante the owner of Snohomish Landscape to keep your grounds beautiful & clean.

He was referred to me by another client & has been helping me with maintenance for a few years now.

He has a wonderful attitude, is a hard worker, leaves things neat & clean and is very dependable! Please give him a try….I sincerely enjoy working with him & his crew!

Most Sincerely,

Al Findlay

Snohomish County Home and Landscape Service provided great service with kindness and ease! They turned my mess of a yard into something that was really nice; head and shoulders above what the yard was. Their work really helped to sell my house quickly and smoothly!