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Taking care of a yard and everything in it is hard work, the kind many homeowners don’t have the time, energy, or stamina for. SnoCo Landscape was founded to handle it for you with professional landscaping in Lake Stevens, WA, and surrounding areas. Lawns need special care to keep them going through those heavy winters. Go with a business that has all of the equipment and know-how necessary to accomplish whatever you want for your yard.

As residents of Western Washington, our owner and employees are well-versed in how things grow. They know the difference between a weed and a plant and how to get rid of one while caring for the other. They're qualified and passionate about renovating your landscape completely or maintaining the beauty of what you have. No yard work is too difficult for us; we take on properties and jobs of all sizes. Whether you only need a lawn mowing service or a full lawn care program, we’re the business you want to use.

Convenient, Quality Customer Service

When you sign up with us, you don’t have to waste time fussing with a contract or paying a lot of money upfront. You don’t pay a thing until the work is done and you’re satisfied with the result. Our honest estimates and reasonable rates can accommodate all budgets and all schedules too. You can choose weekly, biweekly, or as-needed service, and switch between them where necessary. Everyone deserves a healthy lawn regardless of their budget or time commitment, and that’s what we deliver.

Trimming Hedges

You can tell from our testimonials that previous and current clients love what we do. Our workers are the kind who always clean up after trimming and lawn mowing jobs. They arrive on time, get right to work, and are respectful of your exterior and furniture. Some of the services they do for local homeowners include:

  • Mow and Edging  
  • Lawn Renovation/Install
  • Bed Renovation/Install
  • Small Installs
  • Park Outs/Clean-Ups
  • Gravel Install
  • Compost Install
  • Topsoil Install
  • Mulch Install
  • Beauty Bark Install
  • Moss Control
  • Junk Removal
  • Pruning Fruit Trees/Hedges/ Evergreens/Flowering Shrubs

Easy Set-Up That Simplifies Your Life

Once you’ve contacted SnoCo Landscape, we conduct a free walkthrough and discuss your unique landscape requests and needs, both present and future. This not only gives us a feel of your space but also lets us build a relationship with you. Our goal is to provide your landscaping service for a long time and act as your source for all of your lawn projects and maintenance.

Throughout our affiliation, you control the budget. There’s no contract required, and you only have to pay when the job is done—and we don’t consider it done until you do. Hiring professional landscapers has never been so convenient. You’ll never have to worry about having an HOA on your back or being embarrassed to show off your lawn to guests. We make sure of that.

Contact us at 425.293.4166, and we’ll set a time to start your walk and talk. We work with any yard or lawn in Lake Stevens, Arlington, Marysville, Stanwood, Everett, Washington, and all of North Snohomish County. You can always read what other clients have to say about our landscape contractors in Lake Stevens, WA, and surrounding areas.